Alischa Vol 1

Alischa Vol 1

1. Alischa is a classy lady that is ready to be naughty on the staircase. She moans and pulls up her long skirt giving a naughty show to make your eyes pop.
2. Lots of fun and sexy stuff happens during an shoot. Rachel, Buzz, and Kroy shoot Alischa and the behind-the-scenes camera is right there. Join us in an exciting shooting day and get to know Alischa and the Aziani crew a bit better.
3. Alischa had a long day at the office but she did appreciate the looks from her colleagues - she wore pantyhose under her business suit and would "accidentally" flash her seams a little every once in a while. Alischa is now ready to unwind and we are there to watch her do just that...
4. Alischa can't wait to straddle the Sybian for the first time so she rips her pantyhose crotch and lowers herself onto the machine. Four (!) orgasms later the Sybian has another devoted fan.
5. Alischa enjoys a classy night out with fine wine and dining. White wine, her favorite, always gets her in the mood without fail. Still wearing her evening dress, Alischa enjoys a final glass for the night. But that's not the only thing she enjoys...
6. Lots of dirty talk coming from Alischa while she pleasures herself on the bed tonight. She is very vocal about what she wants and how she wants it. We all appreciate a woman who knows what she likes and how she'll get it.
7. It has been a long, exciting day for Alischa and now she is getting ready for bed. She lotions up her feet and toes and allows us to come up close to inspect her every curve, soles and arches. It's a foot lover's lullaby, if you will.

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